The Six Week Journey to Building a Start up Continues…


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The Six Week Journey to Building a Start up Continues…

The second week began with team members pumped to continue the promotion of the Scrybe-It platform and also work together to see to the actualization of this dream.



Creation of graphics to be posted on selected social media platforms was done by the graphics design team and the digital marketing team went on to post said content on their respective channels. Team members were also mandated by the sub-team lead to drop their social media handles in a bid to monitor individual promotion of the website.

On Tuesday, 14th June, the tasks for the week were received. One of such was the growth of followers on selected social media channels to a 100 respectively. As such every team member was mandated to individually promote the site with an expectation of each member bringing in at least 5 acquaintances. There was a meeting held by 10pm with its agenda being the given tasks. The issue of an email Newsletter was also deliberated on.

The suggestions made at the meeting include the following;

  • Groups should be formed to promote individual pages.
  • Direct links to content should be shared instead of page links.
  • Every team member should convince at least five friends to follow the pages.
  • Contents should be tailored toward awareness as the website is not yet fully optimized.
  • Side Hustle's strategy of a countdown should be adopted in email newsletters.
  • Newsletters should be differentiated for freelancers and clients/recruiters in the future but should remain the same for now since the goal is still awareness. It should be sent to subscribers once a week.
  • Everyone should have individual accounts across the selected social media channels so as to get acquainted with the pages and how the channels work.
  • Team members scheduled to create content for the rest of the week were also mandated by the sub team lead to submit their work by 7am on Thursday.

Other ideas brought up by team members for website promotion include the writing of blogs and creation of Instagram reels.

By Wednesday, 15th June, team members had begun consistently sending in content ideas as scheduled, guided by the content calendar. These write ups were sent to be reviewed by other team members before posting.

On the agenda of the meeting held Thursday, 16th June was the finalizing of the format the newsletters are going to take, including the headlines to be used. It was suggested that the features and services of Scrybe-It should be taken into consideration while coming up with newsletter headlines and content. The sub-team lead went on to reiterate the need for every team member to have an account on the chosen social media channels as the promotion of Scrybe-It's social media pages is at the core of our duties.

You could check out our social media handles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and also interact with our posts.

QUALITY ASSURANCE week’s activities started with a collaboration with the Project Managers (PM) to adjust the user flow diagram to align with the product required document (PRD) and the test cases altered as well to meet the product requirement. They

  • Worked with the PMs and tested all the features done by the developers.
  • Reject all features that do not meet the requirements.

Further collaborations were done with the product design team and the UI screens provided were reviewed. The test cases for the landing page and profile page were prepared. There were discussions with the Front-End team and they are waiting on them to complete the first stage of development to commence testing. The test case document

FOR THE PRODUCT MANAGEMENT TEAM, A KANBAN board was created using Trello for task organization and tracking the progress of the project.

  • All tasks leading to the completion and release of version 1.0 of Scrybe-It were shared across the 6 weeks of Bootcamp. Timelines and respective teams responsible for each weekly deliverable were tagged on each card.
  • The Product Roadmap was already done in week 1, it's among the contents we included in our PRD

On Daily Stand-up meetings by PM in week 1, each PM was assigned a track to oversee and work with. We ensured to follow up on messages, meetings, and work links of the track. At the end of the week, we gave a report on the status of the activities of the assigned track.

FOR CRM, A FAQ Chatbot was created using Tidio. After registration, we forwarded the Chat code, that is, the javascript to the developer to mount on the website.

  • For the chatbot, we started from scratch. We picked three triggers: Visitor Clicks on Chat Icon First visit on site and Visitor returns to the Site. All triggers are unlimited.
  • For the actions, we picked Decision (Quick Replies) which entails the 1st section (Introduction) and the 2nd Section (Add Quick) which includes the FAQs.
  • We inserted the Send a Chat Message nodes which indicates the replies to each FAQ created.
  • We created a feedback section whether the answer was helpful or not. If YES, an appreciation message will pop up and if NO, a message advising the client to contact us via email or phone number.

Scrybe-It is still a work in progress and we look forward to filling you in as the week goes by. We are open to your Suggestions and Support, you can reach out to us via our social media accounts or our mail.