Not yet! A little bit further

Not yet! A little bit further


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Yes! It's a journey and we continue in this great pursuit with great and positive expectations. Week 3 for Scrybe-It was quite not easy. We had a lot to push and fix but though challenging we are making progress.

So follow me as I take you through some task that were executed during the week. Let's go!!!

The Digital Marketing team was tasked with continuous upload of contents according to the content calendar and social media strategy for June. The team was to also create an end to end marketing plan for Scrybe-it platform to launch full scale in 4 weeks. To execute this they:

•Submitted contents as instructed which were posted by the social media managers. •Saved contents on Google drive and the link added to subsequent content calendars for easy access by whoever might need it. formed a marketing strategy subteam who worked on the content calendar for the month.

Links to our social media pages and content calendar remain;

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

The Objectives for Product Design Team for the week was to complete UI Design 100% by the end of the week. Here’s what they did:

•They completed 90% of Hi-Fi Wireframes/screens for minimum viable product (MVP) version of the website •They created design components for complex versions of the website

The Front-end Team was tasked to implement all feedback from the review call on the landing page and commence implementation of the UI design to at least 50% and also ensure 100% compliance to design. Here’s what they executed:

•They created signup and sign-in pages. •They also completed the homepage for the website collaboratively

The Customer Relationship Management Team was tasked with completing the chatbot 100% and ensuring it is mounted by FE and tested by the QA. They were also tasked to create a Hubspot account, set up an email marketing system for customers in collaboration with the digital marketing team. Here is their delivery:

•Theymade use of free plan of hubspot account and was able to find out how to link up subscribers for bulk email/ newsletters. •They also integrated hubspot API to Tidio software in order to get subscribers' emails.

We are not where we want to be yet but trust me, we are moving and making progress. Growth is paramount, and definitely we will put more effort. Next week is going to be tremendous. Just follow the train!