Scrybe-It: The Start of A Six Week Journey To Building A Startup

Scrybe-It: The Start of A Six Week Journey To Building A Startup

Is it possible for 62 individuals to build a startup from scratch in six weeks?


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Let me start from the beginning.

We started as interns learning various skills during the Side Hustle Internship. During the internship which lasted for six weeks, we learned various valuable skills in tracks like front-end development, back-end development, customer relationship management, digital marketing, and content creation among others. At the end of the six-week internship, we were then grouped into teams to put what we had learned into real-life projects.

This is an account of the first week of our journey.

Our team was given the task of building a web-based platform where freelance writers get paid for what they do. Side Hustle picked out people from different tracks and put us into this team to build this platform.

It turns out that even though the goal was to get more experience in our chosen careers, we were also going to learn teamwork and communication. Our first major decision as a team was to pick a name for our website, and it was truly interesting. Everyone had an opinion on what the name should be, coupled with the fact that almost every name that was suggested was already in use. It took us two video meetings and numerous chats on WhatsApp and Slack, but we finally got a name, Scrybe-It.

Next, we had deliverables to meet for the week.

The Digital Marketing team was tasked with creating social media pages on all platforms as well as a social media strategy for June. To execute this they:

  • Determined the target audience which includes both writers and clients.
  • Collaborated with the Project Management team to create buyer personas to further understand our target audience.
  • Created a content calendar for June using Google Sheets.
  • Created an email account and various social media pages: Instagram , Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.
  • Assigned handlers for the various social media handles.
  • Created copies for the website’s pages.

The front-end and WordPress teams were tasked to set up a GitHub account and build a one-page landing page and a newsletter connected to MailChimp. Here’s what they executed:

  • Built an incredible (coming soon) landing page optimized for mobile, tablet, and PC views.
  • Created a MailChimp account to link clients' emails to our newsletters
  • Opened a Github account to store, track and collaborate on projects.

The Customer Relationship Management Team was tasked with picking a CRM tool, an FAQ document for our landing page, and a account to chat with customers. Here is their delivery:

  • Picked the Zoho CRM tool to receive real-time notifications from clients and freelancers.
  • Created FAQs for both clients and freelancers here.
  • Created a account and connected the chat widget code to the website and all social media channels.

The Project Management team was to create a user persona, PRD, and User flow for the product and assign one product manager to each subteam. To deliver, they:

The Objectives for Product Design for the week was to conduct user research, create a design system and to design low fidelity wireframes. Here’s what they did:

  • Created a landing page on figma here
  • Worked on the Coming soon page with the frontend team
  • Conducted user research with the product management team here
  • Designed low fidelity wireframes for PC and mobile.

The Graphic Design team were tasked with creating flyers showing the team members and the Brand Identity Guide for the project. Here's what they did:

It’s still the first week, so there’s still a lot of work to be done.

What do you think? Are we on the right track? We will appreciate any advice that can help us on our journey.

Join us in our six-week journey as we post our progress here weekly. You can follow us on our social media platforms and be a part of this unfolding story.

Cheers to growth!