Scrybe-it update on activities... Week 4

Scrybe-it update on activities... Week 4


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It's the 4th week already and it feels just like yesterday we began this start up project. It has been filled with a series of fun and learning for every active team member and just like we promised, we'll be taking you through the week's tasks and achievement.

For the DIGITAL MARKETING and CONTENT CREATION TEAM (DM & CC), The week began on a great note.

  • The sub team of the DM & CC team created last week, sent in the marketing plan to be implemented on the Scrybe-It platform. It includes our business summary, business initiatives, target market, market strategy, marketing channels and marketing technology. Here is the link to the containing document.
  • We also received our task for the week which involves sending welcome emails to subscribers of the newsletter and continuous upload of content on social media channels, as scheduled.
  • On Wednesday 29th, the team had her presentation via a general start up meeting with Drey. There were certain network issues and the presentation rescheduled till Friday 1st July.
  • The content calendar for the month of July has been prepared and can be accessed here.

At the meeting held on Thursday 30th June, the created content calendar was discussed and the following issues raised;

  • Lack of engagement of posts by team members.
  • The use of hashtags on content.
  • The length of certain content.
  • The use of editing tools like Grammarly to check spelling and grammatical errors on created content.
  • Posting of links to created content on the calendar.
  • It was also suggested that on days when the goal is visibility, team members should post related content on their personal accounts while tagging Scrybe-It. Some information regarding the newsletter and Twitter spaces was also shared.

At present, the following figures indicate our reach; Facebook: 56 followers LinkedIn: 59 connections Twitter: 154 followers Instagram: 104 followers We also have 57 subscribers to the newsletter. Links to our social media pages remain; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,Instagram

For the CRM team,

  • The task was to implement the email marketing system in collaboration with the digital marketing team.

Sequel to the meeting held with the digital marketing team, the first email marketing will kick off by 9th July, 2022 by 9am. Even though we are limited to some features due to the free plan we signed up for, it would not affect the outcome of the message. We can send 2000 emails every month.


  • The task for the week was to;
  • Manage and monitor the task management dashboard, and update tasks across all sub-teams.
  • The PM Team lead should take reports from PMs assigned to each sub-team.
  • Daily stand-ups should continue.

This was achieved by updating the kanban board with the week's tasks and each PM still monitoring and following up on the respective assigned track.

For The PRODUCT DESIGN (UI/UX) team, the task given was to;

  • Deliver complete design to the developers to improve the design where necessary.

This was achieved as Iteration of designs and user experience analysis of most viable versions of the web pages were designed.

The PRESENTATION which was rescheduled for 1st of July finally held and prior to that, all team members in all the tracks held a meeting which we all agreed to;

  • Submit our presentation to the Assistant Team Lead to avoid network glitch which deterred us from presenting successfully in the previous date scheduled.
  • Attendance was made mandatory for every sub team lead and member so as to present when it was their turn to do so.

The Presentation went smoothly this time around and we were commended for the good job done. Although, there were some lapses which were pointed out for us to correct and make changes but overall we did exceptionally well and that was the perfect way to round up the week😊.