Week 5 - A Lesson in Persistence

Week 5 - A Lesson in Persistence


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Week five was quite gruelling.

The Week Started with various sub-team members ready to finish the race in no time as it was the 5th week of exploring our Start-up company. Few sub-team could meet the week's task while another sub-team was trying to catch up.

Let's have the breakdown of what each sub-team was able to accomplish:

Digital Marketing and Content Creation Team:

They were assigned tasks which include automation of Scrybe-It's email on Mailchimp, continuous upload of content on social media pages according to the content calendar and social media strategy, and completion of work on the end-to-end marketing plan for the company to launch full scale in 2 weeks and creation of Proposal for the company's investors. The team was able to:

  • implement suggestions from past weeks. -create different sub-teams of 3 to work together on whatever content was assigned to them. -create varying captions to suit the specific social media channel.

Product Management Team:

They were to create a launch plan/timeline for the product, manage and monitor the task management dashboard and update tasks across all sub-teams, take reports from PMs assigned to other sub-team, and continue Daily Stand-ups. The team was able to:

-Create a launch Plan for Scrybe-It with details here

-Effectively update the Kanban board

Scrybe-It is still a work in progress, and we look forward to filling you in as the week goes by. We are open to your Suggestions and Support; you can reach out to us via our social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. or our mail.