Week 6: The End of a Beginning?

Week 6: The End of a Beginning?

It's been six weeks since Side Hustle put 60 strangers into a team with a task to execute. How far did they go?


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It's week six and the official last week of the Bootcamp. At the start of this journey, we were total strangers scattered all over the states of Nigeria and beyond. Six weeks later, we have begun to forge close friendships and lasting connections.

For week six, the Data Analytics team conducted research, collated data on past, present and future metrics as well as visualization using Powerbi, for the Back end team to work with.

The Digital Marketing and Content Creation team worked on the Business proposal for investors. They created different sub-teams of 3 to work together on whatever content is assigned to them. They are expected to write a single copy for the graphics while creating varying captions to suit the specific social media channel.

You can check out our work so far on our social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram The Product Design team collaborated with FE to make sure there is 100% compliance to UI screen designs as well as adjustment and iterations when necessary.

Graphics design team designed infographics flyers of the brand media posts, email flyers, quotes, etc. Also, the team is working on making the launching flyers

The Video Animation team made videos for social media posts.

In all, we've made mistakes, has misunderstandings, messed up sometimes even, but we haven't lost sight of our goal - to build a platform where writers can offer their services and be paid what they are worth.

We see this not as the beginning of the end, but the end of a beginning.

There's more to come.